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Our Vision

We drive insurance innovation and agility.

Revitalizing Legacy Systems

Empowering insurers with digital innovation to modernize complex processes, overcome legacy system challenges, meet regulatory requirements, and exceed customer expectations.

Digital Transformation

Embrace the digital era to revolutionize customer engagement, enhance agent and broker visibility, and optimize business agility and flexibility.

Market Responsiveness

Attain rapid time-to-market for your transformation initiatives while directing your attention to core business management, supported by a trusted partner overseeing your cloud operations.

Our Team
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our Team
Who We Are

We are a leading insurance technology provider.

Mping empowers insurers with the speed and agility needed to thrive amidst the transformative changes of our era, propelling them towards success.

Mping empowers the financial sector, particularly in insurance, to embrace digital innovation and agility. Leveraging over 25 years of industry experience, our cloud-based SaaS insurance platform, ‘Abrisham,’ delivers pre-integrated, low-code capabilities spanning core, data, and digital domains, expediting our customers’ digital transformation journey. Across Property & Casualty and Life Insurance markets, Mping offers insurers a comprehensive suite of solutions—from core functionalities to complementary offerings—including Financial & Compliance, Data & Analytics, Digital, and Decision Management.

Our Skills

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Our team brings extensive experience in insurance technology, digital transformation, legacy system modernization, and consulting services to deliver tailored solutions that meet our clients’ unique needs.
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Consulting Services & Wifi testing
Our Team
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